Power of the People

How People-Based Marketing is Driving Change Across the U.S. Advertising Industry

There is a lot of noise in the digital advertising industry about people-based marketing — it went from being a completely new technology in 2011 to becoming the standard for marketers. Today, a staggering 93% of marketers’ report running people-based campaigns.


However, despite this dominance, digital marketers are struggling to find quality partners who can help them extend people-based at scale, across the open web. Only 58% of marketers are currently running campaigns outside the walled gardens.


Viant’s new report, Power of the People, features a survey of 250+ brand-side digital marketing executives, examining the current state of people-based marketing and the level of its adoption within the U.S.


This report uncovers:

  • Main reasons for investing in people-based marketing and the current challenges marketers are facing
  • How brands are embracing an omnichannel world and connecting consumers’ online and in-store activities
  • The evolution of people-based marketing outside of the walled gardens and how advertisers are using this approach to reach people across the open web


Download the report to learn more.


With questions on the report's research findings, or for press and media inquiries, please contact Viant's Marketing & Communications team at marketing@viantinc.com.