Closing the CMO-CFO Digital Divide

Why Digital Marketers Who Build Trust With Their CFOs Will Succeed

Did you know that 94% of CFOs would increase digital marketing budgets if there were clear evidence the investment resulted in sales? And yet, marketers are still struggling to prove and to communicate how digital marketing efforts affect the bottom line of their businesses.


That's just one symptom of the longstanding disconnect between marketing and finance – but it's one that can be overcome.


Viant’s new report, Closing the CMO-CFO Digital Divide, features insights from CMOs and CFOs at leading U.S. companies and examines digital marketing's role in the traditional divide between marketing and finance, as well as how CMOs who treat their CFOs as allies will succeed.


This report reveals:

  • CFOs' biggest concerns about digital marketing, and how CMOs can address them
  • How CMOs can earn increased investment in digital marketing efforts
  • Why companies aren't measuring digital marketing efforts - and why they should be


Download the report to learn more.


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