The Persuadables:

How Advertisers Can Use the Principles of Recency and Spend Level to Boost ROAS


For the first time ever, CPG campaign data from three major US brands has been used to test the principle of recency, which proposes that digital advertisements are most effective right before a consumer is about to buy a product.


Joel Rubinson, former Chief Research Officer at the Advertising Research Foundation, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Viant partnered to test this theory against three ad campaigns Viant ran for three popular CPG brands.


Key Findings:


  • The Persuadables, or heavier volume shoppers who are close to their next purchase, generated an incredible 16x ROAS compared to the remaining audiences exposed to the campaigns
  • Targeting heavy brand buyers provides a significant lift in ROAS. In fact, contrary to popular belief, targeting brand buyers vs. non-brand buyers is uniformly a better strategy
  • The Persuadables exhibited an unprecedented lift of roughly $17-48 in sales, per dollar of advertising


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